Scroll down for some original video game related pictures drawn by none other than myself.


Shigeru Miyamoto: Creator of Mario, Zelda and Even More Nintendo Franchises


My Three-Dimensional Sketch of Shigeru Miyamoto


This fight started in the 90’s. Back then, Sonic the Hedgehog was more popular than Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney’s creation still longs for his revenge today.


I was bored in art class. So, I decided to draw Mario. The fact that he became a Kung-Fu master was by accident. It’s original nonetheless.


When I was much younger, I took a picture of Tails from the Sonic series and made it my own. This is the result after being cleaned up in Photoshop.


The title is self explanatory if you’ve heard of the similarly named Lindsay Lohan film.


This is the slime from Dragon Warrior/Quest, but incredibly demented.


It’s Screath the Hedgehog!


This is a somewhat disturbing picture of the beloved character known as Super Mario.


This is a drawing of Banjo from the Banjo-Kazooie series. I gave him a Santa Claus hat and beard because it was drawn as an entry for a holiday contest.




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